3 Reasons to Consult a Family Law Attorney During the Economic Downturn

Unemployed or Decreased Income

Review child and spousal support orders

All child support orders and many spousal support orders are subject to modification if circumstances have changed since the order was made.  Unemployment or reduced income is a basis to adjust support orders.  It is not sufficient to rely on an oral agreement to pay less support, or no support.  A court order must be entered into to insure the reduction in support. Otherwise, the prior support obligation remains due and owing.

Increase parenting time with children

Being unemployed or under-employed is a basis to seek more custodial time with your children.  This is an opportunity to further enrich your children’s lives with your increased involvement.  It is well advised that increased parenting time be well planned and documented in case a future modified custody order is sought.

Depressed Real Estate Prices

In a divorce, real estate is valued at its current price.  Therefore, the depressed real estate market has created an opportunity for many spouses who want to pursue a divorce to acquire real estate that a few years ago they could not afford to acquire in a divorce.

Cannot Afford to Hire a Lawyer but Need Legal Advice

Working with a lawyer that offers consulting services or Limited Scope Representation can be an effective means of pursuing a divorce without the cost of full representation.

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