Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

Do’s of Divorce:

  1. Treat your relationship with spouse as a business relationship.
  2. Obtain copies of documents and/or be able to identify all assets liabilities.
  3. Obtain your own credit report.
  4. Insure you have a credit card in your name alone.
  5. Photograph/ video tape/ inventory contents in home.
  6. Consider changing title on house from joint tenancy to tenancy in common and then new will.
  7. Seek new professionals.
  8. Start co-parenting.
  9. Disclose, disclose, disclose.
  10. Consider alternatives to litigation (mediation, limited scope, private judging).

Don’ts of Divorce:

  1. Change beneficiary of life insurance and retirement plans without written consent of spouse.
  2. Hide, transfer or dispose of assets or encumber property.
  3. Remove spouse or children from health insurance policy.
  4. Create and fund a trust during a divorce.
  5. Involve children in your dispute with spouse.
  6. Make emotional decisions.
  7. Delay/ avoid seeking legal advice.
  8. Take unreasonable positions
  9. Remove child(ren) from State of California without obtaining the written consent of the other parent or a court order.
  10. Keep the house if you intend to sell it soon after the divorce is final.

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