The Determination of Spousal Support is a Relative Matter

The McCourt divorce was in the news this week, this time concerning the issue of spousal support.  The monthly spousal support sought by Jamie McCourt is nearly $1,000,000 per month.  While that number is mind-boggling to most of us, the judge in this case must determine the spousal support issue just as he would in every other case.

The determination of a spousal support number is made up of many factors including the income of each spouse and the financial needs of each spouse measured by the standard of living the parties shared during the marriage.  The McCourt’s lifestyle was no doubt a high lifestyle, which will likely bring a very high spousal support order.  The issue of spousal support is certainly relative to what the finances were during the marriage.  There are other factors which impact a judge’s decision about spousal support, such as each party’s age, health, education and earning capacity.  Each factor which impacts spousal support can be a complex issue, so early and detailed legal advice is critical to improving your position on this issue.  I always tell my clients, the determination of spousal support is more an art than a science.