Can Allegations of Domestic Violence Affect Your Credit?

Apparently, yes.  When an individual applies for credit, the underwriter may perform independent research about the applicant.  If a search is performed for court records, presumably looking for judgments entered against the applicant, the search may uncover applications for restraining orders.  Even if a restraining order was denied by the court, the person against whom the order was sought (the defendant/respondent), may have trouble obtaining the loan or credit they are seeking – even though the allegations of domestic violence were unfounded.  While you cannot change the court history of a case, the only remedy one has is to contact the underwriter/lender (or any credit reporting agencies, if it shows up on your actual credit report) and explain that the application seeking the restraining order was denied.  This example is based upon unfounded allegations which never resulted in a restraining order.  If a restraining order is issued, an explanation to the underwriter/lender (or credit reporting agencies) may be of no effect and may result in negative credit ratings.