Only Divorced Parents Argue About…

I would wager that most married people do not argue about who gets the privilege of handling child-related obligations.  I would further wager that neither parent, in a happy marriage or relationship, ever thought they or the other parent were a bad parent for not loving the task of being the children’s chauffer.  Well, as we know, everything is different when parents end their relationship.  All of a sudden the parents are not arguing over who should handle the task; but instead, they argue over who gets the privilege to handle the task no one previously wanted to handle.  Yes, only divorcing people argue over things that married people (typically) do not argue about.

Here is a list of some tasks for which only divorced parents argue over the “privilege” of handling:

  1. Bathing the children.
  2. Driving the children to and from school and their myriad of activities.
  3. Staying home from work to care for a sick child.
  4. Doing homework.
  5. Taking the children to the doctor, dentist, therapist, etc.
  6. Cooking.
  7. Explaining where babies come from.

Life after divorce or separation is certainly interesting.  Children of intact marriages often watch their parents argue over which parent is going to handle chores on behalf of the children, but maybe children of divorce or separation have this one just a little bit better than the other kids – their parents argue for the privilege to take care of them.