Wedding Postponed? This May Be An Opportunity for a Prenuptial Agreement.

An Opportunity to Draft a Love Document

As things progress in the time of COVID-19, many of us are seeking ways to make lemonade out of lemons. California’s “Shelter in Place” orders, and the promulgation of #stayathome is forcing all of us to figure out how to take advantage of our new hibernation. For couples who had planned a spring-time wedding, this means putting a raincheck on the date, an understandably unfortunate situation. However, it also provides couples with the opportunity to explore a prenuptial agreement.

According to Hillary Hoffower, author of, “7 Ways Millennials Are Changing Marriage, From Signing Prenups To Staying Together Longer Than Past Generations” Business Insider, February 4, 2020, more millennials are signing prenuptial agreements before entering into marriage to secure the financial footing they worked hard to achieve before meeting their significant other, as well as to lower the likelihood of a divorce due to financial reasons (among others).  If you are among that group that had considered obtaining a prenuptial agreement but ran out of time to do so, now is the time to get that agreement in place.  While everyone is sheltering in place, this is the perfect time to commit to the process, for couples to talk about their financial future together and to put their financial marriage on the right track.

Sheltered in place couples can undertake a mediation process with a mediator and their independent lawyers via technology to discuss, negotiate, contemplate and draft the financial road map to their future.  The process is that of a mediated prenup which is set forth in my article titled The Mediated Prenuptial Agreement: A Love Document.

Technology Makes this Simple

With the current climate I understand the hesitance some couples might have about reaching out to an attorney or mediator, especially when it comes to obeying the current mandates in place due to COVID-19, but with all the technology at our disposal that is not an issue.

Many legal professionals, including Van Oorschot Law Group, PC offer virtual and telephonic meetings. Having your questions answered in regards to the process of obtaining a prenuptial agreement gives couples something proactive to do in setting their financial future on a well-marked path while waiting to set a new date for one of the most important days one’s life.  No one should underestimate the importance of self-protection before marriage, and the creativity of lawyers to secure that protection even in these uncertain times.