Let Us Be Your Divorce Legal Strategist

By Marlo Van Oorschot
Van Oorschot Law Group PC

It’s mid-January. In some ways, it seems too late to wish you a Happy New Year because even in these few weeks, it seems like another lifetime has passed. The world changes daily; frankly, by the minute. New rules. Old rules. Modified rules. At times, things are difficult to keep track of as the malaise continues nearly two years into this Pandemic.

Two years ago, when our lives changed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we wrote about changes that affected family law including court closures, changed rules, and issues and topics that we knew you were concerned about. We will continue to do so this year as things continue to change, as we open this year with new court rules about remote court appearances, court closures, and the continuing need for access to justice while striving to remain healthy.

The impact of COVID on the court system and on families is immeasurable. While the option of litigation is of course always available, the Pandemic has brought a lot of clarity to families about the need to control that which they can control in a world that is uncontrollable. That control is the ability to make decisions for themselves and their children. While the ability to make decisions and strike negotiated agreements has always been an option, the last two years have brought clarity to clients that the unpredictability of courts has become exponential due to COVID and has caused many to realize the value of a negotiated agreement.

Whether a client’s need is for litigation or a negotiated agreement, both take time, strategy, and teamwork. As the world has changed, the courts have changed and people have changed, so has Van Oorschot Law Group, PC.  We at Van Oorschot Law Group, PC continue to represent individuals in family law matters, advocating for them in working toward a negotiated agreement as the preferred path rather than litigation. 

Our work as a Divorce Legal Strategist™ means working on complex issues with resolution-oriented clients and with other lawyers.  We carefully evaluate each potential client to determine if we believe we can bring value with a strategic plan and conclusion to their matter.  We are also launching new consulting services to other lawyers who need family law advice and strategy in connection with their work with their clients.  Whether you are a client in need of family law legal services; or a professional seeking family law advice for your clients, consider us your Divorce Legal Strategist™.  

We look forward to another unpredictable year and bringing as much stability and predictability to you and our clients through Strategy. Guidance. Teamwork©.