Every case, whether it is a divorce, custody or support matter, has its own path to follow. Where exactly yours will take us is difficult to predict. However, regardless of the road, my professional contacts will work with us seamlessly to achieve resolution. Whether your needs include an appraiser to provide an accurate value on your home, a CPA to prepare documentation or referrals for other professionals, all of us have a single goal: your future peace of mind.

Real Estate Appraiser

Determines the value of residential and investment real estate.

Business Appraiser

Determines the value of business interests, including goodwill.


To prepare tax returns and advise on the tax issues which impact your case.

Forensic Accountant

To develop calculations and strategy concerning cash flow for child and spousal support, including cash flow from business ventures.

Health Insurance Agent

At the conclusion of a divorce, the non-employee spouse will lose his or her health insurance and will need to replace it with a new policy.

Life Insurance Agent

Many support orders are secured with life insurance.


Often, real estate is sold as part of a divorce settlement.


Parties, and often their children, need the support of a therapist during this life transition.

Business Managers

The non-employee spouse will usually need a new and separate business management relationship apart from the former spouse.

Financial Advisors

Whether you have small or large amounts of liquid assets to invest, a financial advisor can assist with your financial goals.

Estate Planners

After a divorce, a new estate plan should be considered to address your new financial circumstances and your new single status.


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