My legal practice is small for a reason; it allows me to be personally involved with each and every client to a maximum degree. It’s both this business decision and our personal touch that my staff and I feel distinguishes us from other firms. We are personally and professionally committed to helping our clients achieve realistic and practical resolutions to all of their family law matters.

Since 1994, I have gained a reputation as being a respected Los Angeles based attorney known for my expertise in handling a variety of family law matters, including, but not limited to, divorce, child custody, child and spousal support and property disputes.

Although I have worked hard to develop my practice, my practice thrives as a result of my team approach with my staff, my clients and with other professionals. In addition, I work with other contract lawyers when necessary to support your needs.

As litigators in the family law arena, we have handled hundreds of cases over the years. We focus solely on family related issues. We support, protect and guide individuals who are going through separation, divorce or post-divorce disputes through representation in the court process, including the use of mediation, which is an alternative to litigation.

Marlo Van Oorschot 4Q7H0059Our role as mediator is to focus on and quickly identify each party’s individual interests through a solution-based approach intended to maximize results and create a settlement that is both fair and mutually beneficial to each party. This allows parties to have control over the outcome of their case, rather than leaving the decision to a judge.

We are members of the Beverly Hills Bar Association and Los Angeles County Bar Association. Marlo volunteers on the Los Angeles County Superior Court Family Law Mediation Panel. We also work in conjunction with the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law to assist low-income parties in handling their divorce and/or child custody and support matters.

Additional reasons why we believe we are well suited to handle your family law needs:

  • Family Law practice concentration since 1994;
  • Trained and experienced in Family Law mediation and litigation;
  • Case strategy is a critical part of our process;
  • We are your team;
  • Limited scope services available;
  • Resolution-oriented.

Marlo Van Oorschot

I call it the “appreciation file.” I began it over 20 years ago when I started as a Family Law attorney and it grows every year. The appreciation file contains all of

Roya Gheytanchi

I think what I like best about working at Van Oorschot Law Group is that it means working with good people.