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What Happens When the Other Person Fails to Comply with a Court Order?

For many people, having their day in court can bring relief and a sense of certainty. The family court judge can make orders regarding custody and visitation of the children, support, or can require the person with greater access to funds to help pay the other party’s attorney fees. But what happens when the court makes a formal order to the parties regarding custody, visitation, support or attorney’s fees and one party simply fails to abide by the terms of that order?

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Van Oorschot Law Group Top 14 for 2014

2014 is now over and we are about to look forward to new and interesting issues in family law, but before that happens, I thought it would be interesting to look back for a brief moment.

Looking back on 2014, I’ve pulled a list of the top 14 most-read articles from Van Oorschot Law Group’s “Blawg.” It’s interesting to see what we collectively found most interesting over the past 12 months.

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’Tis the Season to be Prepared – for Divorce

Holidays are tough in the best of circumstances, with lots of expectations and family pressures.  Now, imagine if one or both spouses are unhappy in their marriage.  Holiday pressures are amplified and can lead to a self-examination of the marriage and thoughts about planning for a divorce in the new year.  If you are considering such a new year’s resolution, don’t think you are the only person who is lacking holiday cheer. You might be surprised to learn that many are spending this holiday season seeking legal advice about a possible divorce after December 31.

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Choosing Between an Annulment or Divorce Proceeding

Choosing to terminate a marriage through an annulment, (called a nullity proceeding in legal terminology), or through divorce (more formally, a dissolution proceeding), depends on an array of factors that must be carefully weighed and considered by either party seeking the marriage termination.

Many people believe that an annulment is a fast-track method to end a marriage, especially when the marriage is short-term, there are little or no assets or debts to be divided, and there are no minor children of the marriage. However, the reason for the annulment is extremely important for determining whether an annulment is the better choice over divorce.

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Annulments can get messy if you sponsored citizenship

Reprinted from the Thursday, October 29, 2014 Los Angeles Daily Journal, Cara L. Boroda’s article titled “Annulments can get messy if you sponsored citizenship” explores the grounds of annulment and the crossover issue of immigration sponsorship by a spouse.

Download this article (pdf).

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Three Year-End Tax Tips

If divorcing your spouse is not difficult enough, those who are not legally divorced by December 31 must begin thinking at this time of year about tax planning as “married” individuals. The issue of tax filing becomes an entirely separate negotiation between lawyers and their clients.  While individual tax returns are not due until April 15, tis the season now for tax planning with your accountant.

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Why Divorce Cases Don’t Settle

Imagine a divorce which has been ongoing for several years.  The experts essentially agree on the numbers for valuing the marital estate; the lawyers essentially agree on the options for resolution.  Hours and hours have been spent working to settle the case, yet the case still does not settle. How can this be, given the time and hard work involved?

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So, You Want to Litigate….

Litigating is intellectually stimulating for many lawyers; it is competition at its best. We love to strategize a case; prepare witnesses; present novel arguments to the court; and we love the cross examination of witnesses.  It is what we were trained to do.

Parties often want to litigate because they want their day in court and want to “prove” the other side wrong.  Sometimes litigating a case is the only option because the other side will not work to resolve differences; or, the other side’s assessment of the case is so “off base” that a fair settlement cannot be achieved.

While many lawyers enjoy litigation, most clients do not share a lawyer’s point of view, but have no choice except to go to court.  Therefore, if you find yourself in the position of a litigated divorce or custody case, here are some tips that will enable you to assist your lawyer in managing the process:

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Abuse of an Animal is Domestic Violence

Many people know that a few months ago, my husband and I lost our thirteen year old Dachshund, Bagels.  While Bagels had been ill, there were no signs that her condition was worsening, so we were shocked by her sudden death.  This loss not only left us sad, but also left our other dog, Bessie, very sad too.

As a result, this weekend Bessie and I sought out to adopt a Dachshund so Bessie can have some company.  As I sat watching all of these dogs looking for good homes, knowing that many had come from hoarding and other forms of abusive homes, it reminded me of how difficult it is to fathom how and why someone would be abusive to an innocent animal.

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The Perpetrator’s Fame Makes Domestic Violence More Visible

Everybody is talking about the Ray Rice domestic violence act caught on tape.  The incident is violent, painful to watch.  It is unfortunate that we must bear witness to a violent event to raise the awareness about domestic violence, which is a real problem in our society.  Each year our legislatures and courts further develop this area of the law to create greater protections for victims of these incidents, yet it seems the public often takes domestic violence lightly until we come face-to-face with a highly visible example.    Then, as often occurs, people tend to minimize or dismiss what happened because the perpetrator is famous or highly talented; for example, Chris Brown seems to have rebounded just fine after his assault on Rihanna.

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