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Does a Family Law Matter Need to Age Like a Good Wine?

Wine is aged to potentially improve its quality and to become more palatable to the taster.  The length of time necessary to age a wine is influenced by many factors including grape variety, vintage, viticulture practices, wine region and winemaking style.  However, age the wine too much, and the wine may turn to vinegar. Similar concepts apply to a family … Continued

Going for Gold in Family Law

It’s the Winter Olympics, and everyone is abuzz about the winners and the losers, and the lucky few that get to take home gold, silver or bronze.  In the world of sports, there is a definitive winner and loser, whether as a result of the fastest time to cross the finish line or the judge’s scoring of an event.  However, … Continued

2014 New Family Laws

Some years, family law is chock full of new laws both from the courts and from the legislature. But, not this year; 2013 was more of a blip than a bang for family law. Here are some of the highlights of the more interesting developments in family law:

Captain and Tennille Seek A Grey Divorce….Is Love Keeping Them Together?

Daryl Dragon (known as “Captain”) and Cathryn Antoinette “Toni” Tennille (known as “Tennille”), one of the most successful pop music duos of the 1970s, who recorded Grammy-winning songs about their love together, recently announced that they are divorcing after 39 years of marriage.  Their divorce was filed in Arizona which, like California, is a community property state; as well as … Continued

Should (Can) My Mentally Incapacitated Parent Divorce?

Imagine your father remarries after the death of your mother.  Your father is now 85 years old has been married for 5 years, to his new wife, who is 75 years old.  Your father suffers from dementia which is rapidly progressing.  His wife is healthy yet cannot (or does not want to) care for your father as his illness progresses.  … Continued

Divorce and Retirement: Social Security Administration vs. California Family Law

According to the Social Security Administration’s website, the 1983 Social Security Amendments included a provision for raising the full retirement age beginning with people born in 1938 or later. The Congress cited improvements in the health of older people and increases in average life expectancy as primary reasons for increasing the normal retirement age.   Full retirement age (also called “normal … Continued

I Resolve to Divorce in 2014

Every New Year, many people make resolutions so they can have a fresh start.  For some, this includes filing for divorce.  Resolving to divorce is a significant decision which involves lots of planning and thought.  The emotional decision may be made; now it is time to plan and take action to help smooth out the bumpy road ahead.

Revenge Porn: A Crime, Harassment, or both?

“Revenge Porn.”  It sounds like a bad movie but instead it is in fact some people’s worst nightmare and the law is working to catch up with technology used to damage others.  This is a new law on the books in California intended to punish those that take intimate photos or recordings of another person and then distributes the intimate … Continued

Only Divorced Parents Argue About…

I would wager that most married people do not argue about who gets the privilege of handling child-related obligations.  I would further wager that neither parent, in a happy marriage or relationship, ever thought they or the other parent were a bad parent for not loving the task of being the children’s chauffer.  Well, as we know, everything is different … Continued

Holidays for the Children of Divorce: Compromise or New Traditions?

It’s nearly the holidays and many divorcing and separating parents are still in conflict about how to share the holidays with their children.  Holidays are supposed to be joyous, but no matter what, the children will feel some sense of sadness from not having their parents together as a family at the Thanksgiving table, playing Dreidel or sitting around the … Continued