We have a strong point of view about how Family Law works. We call it:

The most critical component to any family law matter is what seems to be missing from most: a well thought out plan. Together we will craft a strategy to guide your case, striving to protect your budget along the way.
Family law matters can be complicated. Not only is the law involved, but real people and strong emotions as well. Part of our job is to use our 15 years of experience to help you navigate this process in a civil and productive way.
This is a team effort. Your help will give us the tools we need to work effectively on your behalf. You’ll be part of the process every step of the way. Together, we’ll get through this.

Family Law is more than law. It is real people and strong emotions.

From Parent to Pariah

“My children and I always shared a close and loving relationship.That is until the divorce. Now, my kids don’t want to see me, won’t talk with me, and want to tell the judge how much they despise spending time with me. What happened?”

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What Now?

“The arrangement was clear. I would put my career on hold, stay home and raise the children. Sure it made sense at the time. But now I find my marriage is ending. And once I accepted the reality of the situation, the fear of future financial security set in.

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“War of the Roses” or “Kramer vs Kramer”?

“When we finally decided we would be divorcing, I couldn’t get these certain movie scenes out of my head. I grew up watching films like Kramer vs. Kramer and The War of the Roses and I just remember the pain those families went through and the emotional damage it caused? Was that what I was in for?”

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