What You Need to Know About Divorce After 50

New book by family law attorney Marlo Van Oorschot addresses questions, concerns specific to late-in-life divorce

In response to the growing number of couples age 50 and older who are filing for divorce, family law attorney Marlo Van Oorschot of the Los Angeles-based law firm Van Oorschot Law Group, has authored a new book titled, How to Survive Grey Divorce: What You Need to Know About Divorce After 50. Available on Amazon and in e-book and Kindle format, the book addresses financial and emotional matters inherent in divorcing later in life, also known as “grey divorce.” “This ‘grey divorce’ phenomenon brings about complex issues that have left individuals grappling with how to proceed in their divorce,” comments Ms. Van Oorschot. “My hope is that How to Survive Grey Divorce can help ease the process and provide guidance to both parties to achieve the best outcome possible.” Ms. Van Oorschot is available for interviews to discuss the rapidly growing challenges of “grey divorce,” including:

  • How does divorce impact retirement savings?
  • Will the non-breadwinning spouse be forced to re-enter the workforce?
  • Who will make critical medical decisions if age-related illness or injury occurs during or after the dissolution of the marriage?
  • Will shared property such as a family home be an asset or a liability to one or both parties post-divorce?

Additional information: How to Survive Grey Divorce Organized into eleven chapters, Ms. Van Oorschot answers pressing questions on topics, including financial support, social security benefits, health insurance, estate planning and shared property issues. How to Survive Grey Divorce delivers straightforward, practical advice that avoids confusing legal jargon, and provides a solid starting point for individuals in need of preliminary guidance in their own divorce proceedings.