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Grey Divorce: Focus on Your Future; Don’t Obsess Over The Doom and Gloom Headlines

Grey divorce – people over the age of 50 who divorce – is back in the news.  Ben Steverman’s headline “Divorce Destroys Finances of Americans Over 50” ominously reports the updated research performed by Bowling Green State University’s National Center for Family & Marriage Research.  The research shows divorce on the rise for this demographic and reports abysmal outcomes for … Continued

Domestic Violence: Not Just a Physical Act

The prospect of filing for divorce can be disconcerting. There are concerns about your future–emotional and financial, and, concerns about your children’s future. If you are a business owner, there are the added concerns about how a business will be divided during the divorce proceeding. If you are unemployed and the primary caretaker of the children, there’s the concern about … Continued

Stop The Delay and File Your Divorce.

You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again. — Benjamin Franklin We are all guilty of procrastination from time to time, whether it be a big or small task. According to Charlotte Lieberman at the New York Times in her article entitled “Why Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do with Self-Control)” dated March 25, … Continued

Things to Know About your Millennial and Adult Child Support

Child support is a frequently litigated issue in family law with an extensive body of law that, on most occasions, provides appropriate guidance for both lawyers and their clients. However, there is a specific subset of support that is much rarer than the issue of child support – support for the adult child. Judges face the same lack of guidance … Continued

Telling It To The Judge

Heading to court for many family law litigants is a scary process; a trip many litigants will try and avoid all together during their family law matter. Indeed, courtroom proceedings are unpredictable and can become costly with attorneys and witnesses present, too. Litigants often wonder if the judge will be in a good mood, whether the judge reviewed the pleadings, … Continued

New Year, New Laws

As divorce lawyers, we understand that divorce is fundamentally about change and an essential element of our jobs is guiding our clients through that change. New family structure. New bank accounts. New furniture. New schedules. A new normal. Each year family law lawyers are tasked with the additional job of learning and understanding the new laws, statutes and case holdings … Continued

Signed, Sealed, and Not Delivered: The Religious “Prenup”

Prior to marriage, many couples believe that, in accordance with religious traditions, they are signing a prenuptial agreement. However, they are likely mistaken.  Religious agreements, such as Ketubahs and Mahrs, often (and likely) contradict California law on prenuptial agreements. 

Pets in Divorce

Reprinted from the January 9, 2019, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Marlo Van Oorschot’s and Cara Boroda’s article titled “Is the California Family Code going to the dogs?” explores the new statute about pets in a divorce, often referred to as pet custody. Download Pets in Divorce here

Are You a “Free -Range Parent”?

For years we’ve heard about “Helicopter Parents”, a style of parenting many feel is the overprotection of children, perhaps to the detriment of children as they mature into adults. When I was a child, I don’t remember a label being placed on my parents’ “style” of parenting. In fact, I do not think they even knew what their style was … Continued