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Things to Know About your Millennial and Adult Child Support

Child support is a frequently litigated issue in family law with an extensive body of law that, on most occasions, provides appropriate guidance for both lawyers and their clients. However, there is a specific subset of support that is much rarer than the issue of child support – support for the adult child. Judges face the same lack of guidance … Continued

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Determining Income of the Self-Employed Party

A self-employed party to a family law matter can present a unique set of challenges for a family law attorney when it comes to determining income available for support, as well as other financial issues. Regardless of the particular profession that the self-employed individual may have — gardener, mechanic, lawyer or movie producer — if that person is not keeping … Continued

Is Your Spouse Underemployed (Not Unemployed, but Underemployed)?

He’s making a living, working 9 to 5, but now his wife believes he could be making more. He’s a smart man, with a Master’s degree, and 18 years of experience in his field. However, he earns under $75,000 a year, and with the possibility of a spousal support order in the distant future, his wife believes her soon-to-be ex-husband … Continued

Is There a Child Support “Loophole” in Premarital Agreements?

Premarital agreements allow individuals to make agreements about their property rights and even with regard to future spousal support, although the latter involves complications and special considerations related to enforceability.  What has always been clear is that parties cannot make agreements about child support (or child custody) in a premarital agreement.  The law is clear that parents (or future parents) … Continued

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in Family Court

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki. The book advocates financial independence through investing, real estate, owning businesses and increasing one’s financial intelligence.  This of course sounds good, but many dads (often, but not always, the family breadwinner) who have such wealth and good fortune find themselves feeling not only poor but a bit helpless when a … Continued

Accountings or Trusts for Child Support are Contrary to the Law

Often parental relationships are inseparable from financial control. Whether or not this is appropriate, it is a reality. When parents divorce or unmarried parents separate, there is frequently a child support order made in favor of one parent. The financial control has ended yet it is common for the payor of support to question whether or not the child support … Continued

Got Changed Circumstances? Make Sure to Modify Child Support

Common knowledge among those who follow the news is that the NFL and its players are embroiled in a collective bargaining skirmish. Due to no fault of their own, NFL players are suddenly without paychecks. No paycheck for these athletes can mean defaulted loans, repossessed luxury automobiles and… extremely upset mothers, if they are no longer receiving child support payments.