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A family law attorney, in addition to being a zealous, strong and compassionate advocate, must also be able to resolve community property and support issues that may involve tax returns, business balance sheets and a variety of financial asset statements. The content of these documents, which corporate lawyers work with regularly, can often reveal an interesting story which, when presented … Continued

How to value a small business when getting a divorce

Reprinted from the Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Los Angeles Daily Journal, Marlo Van Oorschot’s article titled “How to value a small business when getting a divorce” explores why a small business may have value in a divorce despite the possibility of having no future value if the operating spouse left the business. Download this article (pdf)

The Business of Divorce

Most people know that the divorce rate is quite high, with the fastest growing demographic for divorce being Baby Boomers.  What many people may have not known is that last year, a report was issued by Babson and Baruch Colleges, which identified an exciting trend in the U.S. economy: entrepreneurship in the United States is at a 14- year high.  … Continued

Is a Buy-Sell Agreement Controlling in a Divorce?

In divorces, a business is often an asset of the marriage. One spouse typically is the “operating spouse” and he or she is in partnership with another person or persons.  Assuming the spouse’s interest in the business has a marital (community) component, that interest must be assigned a value as an asset of the marriage.   When there are other … Continued

Financing the Buy-out of a Business Interest in a Divorce

One common element of a divorce is the need for one spouse to buy out the other spouse’s interest in a business.  Many times this business interest is simply exchanged for other assets, such as real estate.  In other words, the primary operator of the business may simply give the other spouse an interest in an amount of commonly owned … Continued

The Family Business: Options to the Buy-Out in a Divorce When Other Assets are Not Sufficient to Create an Equal Division

In my work as a family lawyer, I often have the opportunity to work on divorces that involve a family business.  The business must be valued and then the disposition of the business must be determined.  When there are plenty of assets in the marriage to offset the value of the business, the disposition issues are significantly lessened.  When there … Continued