Reading about the thoughts and experiences of my other clients will help put your mind at ease that you’ve made the right decision.

“I wanted to reach out to say Thank You for everything you did for me… you were SO amazing to work with I really felt you helped me in a very diplomatic way to understand the process and guide me to achieve a fair settlement with my spouse – knowing you were acting as a mediator and not biased in any way…”
— M. C. M.

“Confident, caring, knowledgeable & realistic are some of the qualities Marlo & her team deliver. She is actually brilliant. Her sensible reasoning & communication skills put her on top of her game during a time of distress. She is non-judgmental and understanding, yet at the same time strong & brutal.

“After a two year legal battle Marlo stuck it through to the end and delivered. She has given me (at my ripe age) a new start at life.

“I feel very fortunate to have found her to represent me. She is absolutely the BEST.”

— C. H.

“I already had an attorney, but by the end of my consultation with Marlo, I was ready to switch and have Marlo handle my divorce.”
— B. B.

“Marlo was compassionate and personable with me, but very tough when dealing with my ex and her attorney. She never sugar coated anything and always kept me in the information loop.”
— L. L.

“Being an attorney meant that Marlo would have to work much harder to get my case and keep me from second guessing her all the time. Her personable demeanor, extraordinary competence and insight won me over.”
— S. B.

“As an attorney myself, I found Marlo’s insights and guidance, coupled with her willingness to allow me to make the final calls so invaluable and crucial that I dropped my high profile, “celebrity” attorney so she (Marlo) could take over my case.”
— R. T.