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We call our initial meeting with a potential client a Case Review Meeting.  A Case Review Meeting is more than just a consultation. This is because before you even begin the legal process, we want you to have a good understanding of the issues involved, and whether or not your goals and expectations are realistic.  We use this meeting to actually start building a strategy around your case so you know where you are headed.

We will ask a lot of questions in an attempt to understand the complete situation at hand. Although your case may seem quite simple, the Case Review Meeting may clarify specific points that you have not previously thought of or addressed.  We want to start preparing your matter, and your understanding of your matter, from the minute we meet with you.

Once the Case Review Meeting has concluded, it is our job to make sure you have a clear understanding of what lies ahead. You will find us very easy to work with and our staff is trained to be sensitive to your needs.

In preparation for your Case Review Meeting, it would be helpful (though not necessary) to have the following information:

  • Last 2 years of individual and corporate tax returns.  If this is not possible, then best to have an estimate of your and your spouse’s gross annual income.
  • Identify all assets and liabilities, including estimated values, if possible.  A simple spreadsheet or listing of these items will be efficient and useful at our meeting.
  • A copy of your premarital or post-marital agreement if this exists.
  • If your case is ongoing or is a post-judgment matter, a copy of the most recent court order or judgment.
  • Your goals regarding which assets you would like to retain after the divorce.
  • Your goals and concerns regarding custody of children.
  • Be prepared to discuss what your biggest fears are about your divorce or other family law matter.

After our Case Review Meeting and we are engaged as your attorney, we will continue our work building on the strategy and goal building we started with you at our Case Review Meeting.