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If You Willfully Break It, You May Not Be Able To Fix It

Family law cases are fluid and dynamic. The cases are influenced by a variety of constantly changing factors, some simple like the child’s age; some more complicated by the loss of a job, a promotion, or the receipt of a significant bonus. Yet, while life may change during and after a family law proceeding, what cannot change–without either a written … Continued

Redefining the Date of Separation: the “Anti-Davis” Legislation

On July 25, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1255 into effect. This bill redefines the date of marital separation for purposes of the California Family Code as the date that a “complete and final break in the marital relationship has occurred, as evidenced by the spouse’s expressions of his or her intent to end the marriage and conduct … Continued

Compelling? Yes. Admissible? No.

One of the more challenging tasks family law practitioners are faced with is balancing their client’s often compelling and moving story against evidentiary rules and practices in court and in pleadings. While the client’s story can be compelling due to how serious and emotional the matter is, often much of their story is not admissible in court due to the … Continued

Are the Family Courts Becoming Hostile Toward Women?

From a historical standpoint, women have been the stay-at-home moms; the underemployed or unemployed spouse in a marriage; and the lesser paid sex in the workforce (the latter is still largely true).  These realities – the “Leave It To Beaver” family model – were the backdrop to why women typically received spousal support (also known as “alimony”) when a marriage … Continued

Family Law and the Presidential Election

It is almost time for the Presidential Election. Everyone is impacted by the outcome but what many people do not realize is how much an election can impact family law. The Democrats and Republicans both have strong yet opposite views on health insurance/health care, same sex marriage (Defense of Marriage Act), taxes, and Social Security. Obviously this list of differences … Continued

What Judges Around the State are Saying About Children Testifying

Last year, I blogged about the law which was slated for implementation  January 1, 2012 concerning children testifying in family law matters (Let The Children’s Voices Be Heard).  The law is now in effect with an amended statute (Family Code section 3042) and a new rule of court (California Rules of Court, Rule 5.250) which implements the statute by telling … Continued

In Your Divorce, the Court Is Open for Business

Courts and court records are supposed to be open to the public. The goal is to make the judicial system transparent so it is held accountable for its actions, and to show the public how the courts deal with particular issues.  In New York, this was not always the case when it came to family law courts.  In 1997, New … Continued

Making the Judge Your “Friend” on Facebook?

This past week the news reported the story of a judge in Connecticut who ordered both parties in a child custody dispute to give each other their Facebook passwords.  The judge made this order so they each could look for evidence to support their custody cases.  In the judge’s defense and for the parties’ protection, he told the parties not … Continued

Family Law Cases Will Finally Be Managed

It is no secret that family law matters can take a long time to be brought to final resolution.  There are many reasons for this.  For example, the emotions of one or both parties can make it challenging to move forward; the parties and lawyers engage in gamesmanship by trying to use delay as a strategic advantage; the complexities of … Continued