The modern family has been re-designed such that men are frequently the homemaker in the family. If not, then men have the traditional role of being the breadwinner while the women are the homemakers often responsible for primarily caring for the children.

If you were in the classic role of the breadwinner, you may not have attended every doctor appointment for your child due to the fact you were working. This does not mean you should not have a meaningful parenting plan (often called visitation) with your child. It is important for you to consider the quantity and quality of time you want and are able to spend with your child once you and the mother of your child have started living separate lives. Continuity and stability is critical for your child. The most effective parenting plan is one in which both parents can commit to and honor so that the child has predictability in his or her life. The schedule will be guided by what is in the child’s best interest. I can help you to determine a reasonable position in your case, given the factors the law considers important.

If you were the homemaker in the family, the contribution you have made to your household is immeasurable. While you may or may not have been the primary wage earner, you have added value in many ways.

No matter what role you played in your family, I will guide you through a strategy to help you move toward your goals for you and your children.