Also called prenuptial agreements and antenuptial agreements. These agreements are often useful to define expectations in a marriage, as well as to protect assets for a spouse and their children from their previous marriage.

Prenuptial agreements do not fit everyone’s idea of a romantic relationship, but they are often good and very rational tools for couples in addressing important property and emotional issues, and can actually help in facilitating communications in a relationship. In a world where half of marriages end in divorce, (a recent study set the figure at 55%), a rational and calm review and attempt to reduce to a written agreement the understanding of both parties about what will happen if problems do occur, may be important.

I believe these agreements should be non-adversarial. As a result, I will act as your mediator to negotiate and draft this agreement. I will insure you each have independent counsel review the agreement I draft as a result of the agreements reached in mediation. This approach to premarital agreements saves money, time and emotions.