Today, women may have very different family roles than in prior generations. Women may be the homemaker, the breadwinner, or both.

For women who have been the homemaker, the contribution you have made to your household is immeasurable. While you may or may not have been the primary wage earner, you have added value in many ways. Running a household is a job unto itself; a job you may have taken in addition to a job outside the home. The tasks that you performed – from managing your household finances, to raising your children, to planning vacations and leisure activities – are ones to which value can be attached.

Divorce is the start of a new life, and although difficult, it is ultimately about empowerment. You do have a voice. I will help you find that voice and make certain that it is heard whether through negotiation or in court.

For women who have been the breadwinner, not only do you have the concerns about your household and raising your children, but you also have concerns over finances and how you will be expected to support two households. I will help you to understand the law and guide you through the decisions that need to be made so you have reasonable expectations for the outcome of your case and your future.