Please make two (2) complete sets, numbering the documents and records in accordance with the sequence set forth hereinbelow, and arrange for the following to be submitted to Van Oorschot Law Group:

  1. REAL PROPERTY: For any and all real properties, including the family residence, held either in your individual name or in the names of you and your spouse, during the marriage, please provide the following for each such property:
    1. Escrow documents, including instructions and final settlement statements, for the purchase of the property;
    2. The deed or other instrument showing the legal description and exactly how title is held;
    3. Statements from holders of the trust deed (mortgage), indicating balances due as of date of separation and as of the current date;
    4. Documents demonstrating existing liens or encumbrances, including the trust deeds, recorded as to such property; and
    5. In the event you or your spouse contributed to the down payment and/or improvements after purchase of such property, and said monies were not earned or acquired during the marriage from employment, please provide records to verify all monies having come from inheritance, gift or bank accounts you or your spouse had prior to marriage.
  2. BANK ACCOUNTS: For each bank account, including checking, savings, certificates of deposit and money market, you and/or your spouse had as of date of separation, please furnish us with the name of the bank, branch, number of account, type of account, balance as of date of separation and as of the current date.  Further, please furnish copies of all such bank statements indicating, among other things, whether the account is personal or business, savings or checking, and such balances as of date of separation and the present.
  3. STOCKS AND BONDS: Please furnish a description, together with any and all documents, for stocks and bonds, including the number of shares and current market value (if known), location of all certificates, date of acquisition for such, and copies of any and all brokerage investment accounts that you and/or your spouse had as of date of separation.
  4. STOCK OPTIONS:  Please furnish Description; together with any and all documents for stock options that you and/or your spouse had as of date of separation.
  5. PAY STUBS: Please furnish copies of your paycheck stubs and such paycheck stubs for your spouse, if available, for the past twelve (12) months.
  6. BUSINESS INTERESTS: For any and all business interests that you and/or your spouse had during the marriage and/or at the present time, please provide us with the name, type of business entity, nature of business, date commenced, names of any other owners, partners and/or shareholders, along with verification of the percentage of interest for all such owners, partners and/or shareholders.  In addition, for each such business entity, please provide the following:
    1. Corporate and/or partnership income tax returns for the past three (3) years;
    2. K-1s for the same period of time;
    3. Accounts payable and accounts receivable, if available, together with general ledgers;
    4. Recent financial statements and/or profit/loss statements; and
    5. Partnership and/or corporate agreements, including stock options and buy-sell agreements.
  7. RETIREMENT PLANS INCLUDING PENSION AND PROFIT-SHARING: For all defined-benefit pension plans, 401-K plans, IRA plans, IRA-rollover plans, Keogh plans, profit-sharing plans, deferred compensation plans, or any other retirement plan, please provide the name of each such plan, the participant spouse, current statements, as well as statements from the date of separation, including the assets contained within the plan, and booklet or other written documentation for each plan.
  8. VEHICLES: For any and all vehicles acquired by you and/or your spouse during the marriage and existing at the present date, please provide the year, make, model and license number, together with the date of purchase, source of funds for down payment, monthly payments, if any, and financing information, including balance due.
  9. FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS: Please provide a general listing of the furniture and furnishings in the family residence, together with such furniture and furnishings in possession of your spouse, if you are separated.  In providing this information, please indicate whether such furniture and furnishings were acquired during the marriage or were existing prior to the marriage by either you or your spouse.  In other words, identify such furniture and furnishings that you consider to be your separate property, either owned by you prior to the marriage or acquired during the marriage by way of gift or inheritance.  Further, pay particular attention to valuable items such as antiques, art collections, coins and any other expensive or unusual items that may have been purchased for investment rather than gift, including jewelry.
  10. LIFE INSURANCE:  For each policy owned by you and/or your spouse, please indicate whether such policy is term or whole life, and if the latter, the cash surrender value as of date of separation and the present date.  Further, for each policy, please provide the name of the insurance company, policy number, owner, beneficiary, face amount, together with copies of all applicable policies, if available.  Finally, if you are aware of any loans against the policy, please provide such information.
  11. MEDICAL, VEHICLE AND DISABILITY INSURANCE: Please provide copies of any and all medical, vehicle and/or disability policies in existence for you and/or your spouse.
  12. ASSETS IN TRUST: For any and all assets, such as bank accounts, held by you and/or your spouse for the benefit of your children, if applicable, or any other third party, please provide verification of any and all such assets, including pass-books, itemization of particular assets held in trust, and documents regarding such trusts.
  13. OTHER ASSETS (COMMUNITY OR SEPARATE): If you are aware of any other assets, not otherwise requested in numbers 1. through 12. hereinabove, please provide such information, including whether you consider such asset(s) to be separate property or property of the community.  In addition, as to any and all assets set forth in the numbers hereinabove, you should indicate whether you consider such assets to be separate or community.
  14. DEBTS: Please set forth a list of any and all debts and obligations known by you, including any invoices, statements of account or other documents substantiating the balances of all such debts and obligations as of date of separation and the present date.  In the event you have made payments on account of such debts and obligations existing as of date of separation, please provide verification indicating the amounts you paid on account thereof and the source of funds used to make such payments.
  15. INCOME TAX RETURNS: Please furnish copies of both State of California, other states, if applicable, and Federal Income Tax Returns for you and/or your spouse, filed individually or jointly, together with all such W-2 attachments, 1099 attachments, and all schedules, for the past three (3) years.
  16. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: If you are in possession of any financial statements furnished by you and/or your spouse in connection with the purchase of real property, obtaining loans from banks, or for any other purpose, please provide copies of such financial statements for the past three (3) years.
  17. WILLS AND TRUSTS: Please provide copies of any and all wills, living trusts, other trusts for you and/or your spouse.