Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time. The challenges you face are often more difficult than any other you could encounter. Parents worry about losing custody of their children and divorcing spouses worry about losing the family home, uncertain financial futures and losing their own personal possessions.

Regardless of the challenges you face, my staff and I understand your situation and your concerns. As assertive and responsive lawyers, our goal is to protect your interests during a divorce, whether that is through mediation or litigation.

In California, each divorce is different. Your divorce may involve several different issues, depending on your personal circumstances:

Child Custody and Visitation — legal and physical custody should be addressed in a specific manner.

Child Support — child support is based upon a statutory formula. The factors that are considered by the formula may be in great dispute.

Spousal Support — sometimes called alimony. Spousal support can be temporary or permanent based on your circumstances.

Property Division — all property must be characterized as community property (assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage) or separate property. Community property must be valued and divided equally.

Prenuptial or antenuptial agreements — a poorly drafted agreement may not be enforceable and may lead to additional litigation during a divorce

Postnuptial or marriage settlement agreements — agreements entered into after the marriage or in contemplation of divorce