I am a family law attorney. Since 1994, my practice has been dedicated exclusively to family law cases. And, when it comes to helping, guiding and advising you in your family’s legal issues, I will bring the full force of that experience to your matter. I’ve successfully represented both husbands and wives, mothers and fathers in all areas of domestic law negotiation and litigation.

While the term “family law” encompasses a wide range of issues, the vast majority of them center around two main areas: dissolution of marriage (divorce) and child custody. In my legal career I’ve handled literally hundreds of cases covering all types of family law matters, from the basics to post-judgement issues, non-marital law related conflicts and parenting plan arrangements to the modification of existing orders, and more.

Whatever your family law matter is, I’m certain that by working together, we can find a successful resolution.


Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time. The challenges you face are often more difficult than any other you could encounter. Parents worry about losing custody of their children and divorcing spouses worry about losing the family home, uncertain financial futures and losing their own personal possessions.

Post Judgment Modifications

While a divorce decree represents the final step in a divorce, the decree can be altered in certain circumstances, especially as to child support or child custody. These circumstances include a new job or a move by one parent to another state.

Men in Divorce

The modern family has been re-designed such that men are frequently the homemaker in the family. If not, then men have the traditional role of being the breadwinner while the women are the homemakers often responsible for primarily caring for the children.

Women in Divorce

Today, women may have very different family roles than in prior generations. Women may be the homemaker, the breadwinner, or both.

Property Division

While most people expect that they will have to divide marital assets and debts with their spouse in the event of divorce, the process of determining what is a marital asset, the value of the asset and reaching an equal division can be very complex.

Child Custody and Visitation / Parenting Plans

It is important to remember that your child’s well-being is enhanced if you are able to maintain continuity in your child’s life. Your child will benefit if he or she is able to stay in a familiar home, keep existing friends, maintain a similar lifestyle, and feel the love and support of both parents and extended family. The guiding principal … Continued

Spousal Support

When possible, ex-spouses are entitled to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed during their marriage. I assist clients with determining the data for the temporary spousal support calculator and the nonformulaic process for permanent support.

Child Support

While the formula to determine child support is set by law, the amounts entered into the calculation are often in dispute. Incomes and time spent with children must be factored in to determine a fair amount of child support. Those issues and special needs can become contentious.


A child has a right to support regardless of whether his parents were married. Similarly, an unmarried father has a right to have regular visits with his child.

Premarital Agreements

Also called prenuptial agreements and antenuptial agreements. These agreements are often useful to define expectations in a marriage, as well as to protect assets for a spouse and their children from their previous marriage.