I’ve presented these articles which I have written because I feel they offer good information for my clients. Reading them at your leisure will help you better understand your situation. If you have any questions regarding what you’ve read here, especially how it may relate to your own family law issue, please feel free to contact my office. We will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss all your questions.

Should You Hire a Male or Female Family Attorney?

Family law matters — divorce and child custody matters — are highly personal, and often bring high-conflict litigation.  I am a firm believer that many clients strategically select the gender of their lawyer based upon several beliefs related to such conflict, which are more likely than not…myths.

What is the Role of the Client in a Family Law Strategy?

The ultimate dilemma for the client and his or her family law attorney involves control.  It is the client’s life and ultimately the client’s decision about how their family law matter is handled and resolved; yet, the family law attorney’s duty to advise and protect the client often conflicts with what the client thinks is best for his or her … Continued

Divorce Court Bullying

Bullying, as defined by Wikipedia, is “the use of force or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or to aggressively impose a certain type of domination over others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.”  We have heard about bullying on the playground in our schools, but bullying also occurs in adult relationships such as marriage.  When it does, it often repeats … Continued

Are You Financially Responsible for Your Spouse’s Bad Behavior?

While Bob Filner, who now has resigned from his position as mayor of San Diego, is not currently married, he serves as a good example of bad behavior.  I do not say “allegedly” bad behavior because there are already reports of financial settlements, and of course attorney’s fees, being incurred in connection with the sexual harassment claims against him.  But, … Continued

Could You, Would You?

I have seen many people do many things for varying reasons when faced with a hotly contested divorce or child custody matter.  Unless you ever confront such a difficult situation, some of the things people do may seem unimaginable.  But, if you were placed in such a position, could you, would you….

Civility in the Practice of Law: How the Legal Profession Can Do Better

Dealing with difficult judges, lawyers and clients is a ongoing challenge in the practice of law. Marlo Van Oorschot’s article, Civility in the Practice of Law: How the Legal Profession Can Do Better, was published in the July/August, 2013 issue of the national publication, The Bencher, The Magazine of the American Inns of Court.  The mission of the American Inns of Court is … Continued

The Client’s Role in Strategizing a Family Law Case

Should your family law case be litigated or mediated?  Who should move out of the house?  On what days will the children change homes?  How much support will be paid?  Should retirement, change of career or re-entry into the workforce occur?  Imagine if these questions, and the hundreds of other questions in your family law dispute, are answered by your … Continued

To Go or Not to Go? Living Together During a Divorce

Countless clients ask me if they can force their spouse to move out of the family residence.  Forcing a person to move out of their residence is one of the most extreme remedies in family law.  Imagine having the children witnessing their mother or father moving on quick order, sometimes under the supervision of a sheriff.  While there is no … Continued