I’ve presented these articles which I have written because I feel they offer good information for my clients. Reading them at your leisure will help you better understand your situation. If you have any questions regarding what you’ve read here, especially how it may relate to your own family law issue, please feel free to contact my office. We will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss all your questions.

You Must Preserve Your Social Media

Social media and the Internet continue to be a troubling topic in litigation.  This technology in family law matters is dangerous because the opposing party and lawyers are scouring the Internet looking for evidence which can help them − and hurt you.  Social media and the Internet have become a goldmine because many people enjoy posting their every move into … Continued

Lawyers Should Work Like a Surgeon, Not Like a Gangster

Family law cases can easily be over-litigated – I refer to this as using an assault rifle on a gold fish in his bowl.  This occurs because family law is probably the only area of the law where issues can be created.  I do not mean they are false or made up; rather, I mean that there is so much … Continued

Being a Family Law Attorney Requires Vision

Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  This really sums up litigation in family law.  So often, the parties and/or their lawyers have no vision about the damage the litigation is having on the people and family involved.  The impact is not only emotional and psychological, but financial.  Everyone has heard … Continued

Are pets part of the family?

Reprinted from the July 17, 2012 Los Angeles Daily Journal, Marlo Van Oorschot’s article titled “Are pets part of the family?” explores the evolving law as pet disputes become more prevalent. Download article

Save Time and Money by Using a Private Judge

I have written about the court crisis before, and that crisis continues.  This past month all California courts, including family law courts, experienced court closures and massive lay-offs.  This situation is so bad that the family law court in downtown Los Angeles (Central District) has seized up, practically bringing all matters to a halt in order to implement an entirely … Continued

Pets Are Part of Our Family…Or Are They?

George Graham Vest was a U.S. politician and lawyer. Vest served as a Missouri Congressman, a Confederate Congressman during the Civil War, and finally a US Senator. He is best known for his “a man’s best friend” closing arguments from the trial in which damages were sought for the killing of a dog named Old Drum.

Even Though It’s “No Fault” Divorce, What Would You Do?

California has “no fault” divorce, which means it does not matter why a marriage breaks up or which spouse is responsible for the breakup.  Therefore all community property is divided equally and spousal support (alimony) is paid if the finances support such a request irrespective of one spouse’s bad act.  For example, if the husband is the breadwinner and he … Continued

Five Common Misconceptions of Clients in Family Law Matters: Part I

A call to a lawyer is never easy, and it also involves definite expense.  Attorneys’ fees in family law matters (divorce, child custody, child, and spousal support) add up fast—sometimes faster than fees in other areas of the law—because these cases are emotional for the clients, who make many demands on and need much support from their attorney.  This is … Continued