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Should Valentine’s Day be Renamed “Divorce Day”?

Valentine’s Day has been traditionally associated with love.  People often express their love and affection through gifts, such as candy, flowers, cards and romantic interludes.  But personally, I have never understood Valentine’s Day; a day for the compulsory expression of love seems unnecessary.  Even when I was a kid, I always felt love should be expressed throughout the year.  Well, … Continued

Four Surprising Facts about Family Law

In a recent State Farm Insurance commercial, a young woman says to a young gentleman, “You can’t put anything on the Internet that is not true.”  He asks her where she heard that, and in unison, they exclaim, “the Internet!”  The Internet is available to most people and given that nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and an … Continued

New Year….New Laws: A Preview of 2013 Family Law Statutes

Each new year brings us new laws, and this year is no different.  Some years there are more significant law changes than in others, but regardless of the significance or insignificance, each and every person is responsible for knowing the law.  In the arena of criminal law, where one’s liberty is at stake if sent to jail or prison, there … Continued

Marlo Van Oorschot is interviewed by Yahoo!

Marlo Van Oorschot is interviewed by Yahoo! about Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries as well as Kim’s and Kanye West’s recent baby news: Will Kim Kardashian Divorce Kris Humphries Before KimYe Baby Arrives?

Civility in the Practice of Law – Part 3

PART THREE:  CIVILITY BETWEEN LAWYERS AND JUDGES The past two weeks I discussed the issues of civility between lawyers and civility between parties. If incivility exists between lawyers or between parties, this dynamic can be changed by a desire to do so; and either way, the judge will ultimately solve the problem by rendering a decision if agreement between the … Continued

Civility in the Practice of Law – Part 2

PART TWO:  CIVILITY BETWEEN PARTIES Last week I discussed the issue of civility between opposing lawyers and how the lack of civility can fuel a case – like throwing grease on a fire.  The same dynamic can exist between the opposing parties in a case (in other words, the divorcing spouses), but this is more understandable and often expected because … Continued

Civility in the Practice of Law – Part 1

PART ONE:  CIVILITY BETWEEN LAWYERS Civility is defined as something said or done in a formally polite way.  Many people involved in litigation would say that civility at trial does not exist or at least is certainly rare.  In family law, the recent case of Marriage of Davenport discusses the lack of civility between lawyers.  But there are also issues … Continued