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Can I Sue the Person Who Broke Up My Marriage?

No, unless you live in South Dakota, Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina or Utah. This past week, South Dakota’s House Judiciary Committee voted to maintain a measure that allows spurned spouses to sue individuals who disrupt their marriages.  According to the Associate Press, the decision extended a century-old provision that permitted a husband to sue another man who tempted … Continued

A Divorce Judge Speaks His Mind: Don’t Let This Happen to You

Conflict is what makes divorce expensive, lengthy and damaging to the parties and their children. In divorce, there are always those cases which are high conflict; however, parties should really consider the damage such conflict creates and should take a lesson from the case of the Ontario, Canada couple Catherine and Larry Bruni. Maybe reading about Mr. and Mrs. Bruni … Continued

Divorce Leads to Loss of Health Insurance

Health care and health insurance are very hot issues from many different perspectives. Two of the biggest concerns for most people are the cost of insurance and the ability to obtain or maintain insurance. These issues are no less important when facing a divorce. What people often do not realize is that when they get a divorce, they can no … Continued